Our Team

Meet our MOMENTUM team members: Jesse, Trevor, and Roberto.


Jesse Corbin

Jesse Corbin is a personal trainer and performer based in New York City working primarily with the boutique wellness group Core Rhythm Fitness. His clients come from a variety of backgrounds, but he specializes in working with developing and rehabilitating performers, including Tony and Grammy award winning artists. He is a Freeletics educator and is AAPT certified as a trainer. Integrating various training methods for ultimate results while connecting the physical to the mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of a person are key elements of his fitness philosophy.



Trevor Hennigan

A Pacific Northwest native, Trevor recently relocated to New York City after receiving his BFA in Musical Theatre to dive into a career in the fitness industry. After spending years working alongside musical theatre performers and classically trained dancers, he began taking Pilates with the acclaimed dance department at The Boston Conservatory to explore the integral part Pilates plays in the lives of dancers. Along with his Lagree Fitness and rowing certifications, Trevor is a BASI trained instructor with a particular passion for dance rehab.



Roberto Parris

Roberto Parris is a professional life coach, teaching artist, and performer. After receiving his Masters in Clinical Psychology, Roberto relocated to New York City to pursue dance and performance. While training in New York, Roberto became fascinated with understanding how a person's underlying belief system correlates to their desired goals and overall performance. Roberto currently works with artistic, business, and fitness professionals to achieve peak performance and optimal emotional wellness by retraining the mind and maximizing personal strengths.